Visual Storytelling

For a lot of people, many of the topics and themes PlanSinn is concerned with are abstract and difficult to comprehend. Sustainability, diversity, science, public space, the common weal, governance … what we want to do is help people get to grips with this kind of subject matter. In order to do this we employ storytelling techniques, i.e. we try to deliver a good narrative that allows people to get a handle on the content, however complex. Working with visual media often proves useful in this context: photography, video, illustrations and infographics, even sculptural installations in the public space or staged interventions such as forum theatre. Symbols such as pictograms and personalised figures or objects such as "postcards from the future" often help people find their way into subject matter, "research topics" in science communication being one example. Developing narratives together with the people involved and then telling them to others has also proved successful, especially in participation projects like Local Agenda 21.