New Orientations for Democracy in Europe >node<

In the course of 30 projects >node< invited academics working in the field to rethink democracy, analyse political developments and control mechanisms and draft alternatives. PlanSinn organised the related dialogue with practitioners and civil society.  

>node< researchers discussed issues of political democracy with practitioners from the worlds of politics, business, the media and NGOs as well as with young people. Highlights included the campaign weeks under the motto "Knowledge creates Democracy" featuring a programme of workshops as well as Democracy Café events in coffeehouses in Vienna, Graz and Eisenstadt. The >node< "Democracy Table" ("Demokra-TISCH") was set up in different public spaces, encouraging people to engage in discussion about the development of democracy in Austria and Europe. In the  >node< video clip competition "Democracy in 30 seconds" young people from all over Austria seized the opportunity to present their views on the subject of democracy to a wider public.