Water Museum Kaiserbrunn

The Water Museum in Kaiserbrunn is jointly operated by the City of Vienna municipal departments MA 31 – Vienna Water and MA 49 – Forestry Office. The museum was redesigned with the main focus on clearly communicating the functions of the spring water protection forests and the ways these forests are managed.   

PlanSinn jointly with Kurt Waldert was commissioned with drafting the overall concept and designing the exhibition room. The task comprised developing a spatial concept including content and arranging everything – from photography and wording to graphics and layout of the exhibition panels.

The perspex wall panels in the newly designed exhibition room of MA 49 now provide information with a focus on water and the water cycle, forest ecosystems, current and former land use in the area and the future of the spring protection forests and drinking water in general. Placed right in the middle of the room is the “tree of knowledge” with information plates that can be pulled from the tree trunk for more detailed facts and figures. A platform equipped with specially designed games presents interesting information in a fun, hands-on manner.