2005 - 2006


  • Lang Mario - Fotografie

Leaflet on the Vienna Climate Protection Programme (KliP)

What is Vienna doing about climate protection? Where can specific measures be seen? What results have been achieved?

The concise, attractive leaflet answers these and other similar questions, explains what is meant by climate protection, provides an overview of the Vienna Climate Protection Programme (KliP) and presents a selection of the measures implemented. It outlines the five fields of action and suggests how private households can contribute. Photos show images typifying the respective thematic fields, while the reverse side of the leaflet gives keyword examples of climate protection projects interspersed with symbolic photos, colour-coded according to the respective fields of action. 23 selected projects provide an illustrative overview of the abundance of climate protection measures in Vienna, accompanied by a map to show how they are implemented throughout the entire city. 8000 German and 2000 English leaflets were printed for the City of Vienna's Executive Office for the Coordination of Climate Protection Measures.