Better together – ADC Roadshow

In 2008 and 2009, a roadshow on Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC) toured across Austria. PlanSinn won the project competition with a concept focussing on the people involved and their stories. PlanSinn designed the exhibition, provided editorial content and implemented the graphic design. We further developed the mediation tools, took care of the exhibition with a young and competent mediation team and generally organised the tour. 

The roadshow came directly to the people and showcased successes, approaches and backgrounds of Austrian development cooperation. The initiative was part of Austria’s social commitment in disadvantaged regions worldwide and contributed to enhancing social solidarity and building a more equitable world. It focused on the people involved and their interactions in the field of development cooperation. Together, these people represent the pieces that make up the jigsaw of development cooperation. People in very different positions (from ADA, ADC and implementing institutions as well as affected people in partner countries) talked about their experience on an equal footing, explaining their work, hopes, objectives, goals, successes, benefits, etc.