Corporate mobility management to reduce CO2 emissions

The programme "Corporate mobility management – motivation and advisory campaign" under the auspices of the klima:aktiv initiative pursued the goal of motivating as many enterprises as possible to implement a company mobility management scheme aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. PlanSinn developed PR strategies for the project and oversaw the marketing activities.

The aim of the project was to reduce carbon emissions by 35,000 t per annum. The project team focused on building up regional advisory networks and forging cooperation among federal provinces and primarily invested in motivation and advisory activities specifically targeted at individual companies. PlanSinn contributed ideas on how to establish a project community and advised the programme management team on PR activities and incentives to encourage companies to participate. PlanSinn collaborated with the Vienna upcycling design team Gabarage to develop the versatile 3D "Traffic jam" symbol, a series of empty jam jars providing a visual representation of the companies' "invisible" CO2 savings.