klima:aktiv Tour – step by step to the climate target

A roadshow showcased different aspects of climate-friendly mobility: in a positive, motivational manner and without moralising. Responsible for both content and organisation, PlanSinn designed and implemented the roadshow, the cooperations with the various partners and the different dialogue formats (e.g. "klimaTisch" discussion table, mobile speed-dating, etc.).

The roadshow aimed to get people interested in optimising their mobility behaviour, focussing on the experience of trying out alternative ways of getting around and "having a go" on a range of new single-track vehicles such as cargo bikes, e-scooters and e-bikes. Targeted at visitors of all ages, the roadshow promoted dialogue, disseminated information and encouraged people to switch their mode of transport.

Mediators were on hand to provide food for thought and give people the chance to test the different vehicles. A container transported the exhibition all around Austria. Also aboard were ktm, Salzburg AG and other regional partners of the klima:aktiv mobil climate protection initiative.