Innovations, new knowledge and findings that are relevant to society emerge at the interface between specialised disciplines and between theory and practice.

Our projects take us into a wide range of thematic fields where social, technical and subject-specific innovation takes place. The systematic expansion of knowledge through research and organisational knowledge management is the guiding principle behind our work. We mine the interfaces between our fields of work for new findings in an effort to augment the fund of knowledge that is of relevance to society. To this end we prefer to carry out our research on an interdisciplinary and/or transdisciplinary basis and thus seek to establish pertinent partnerships with other organisations involved in both research and practice. In our research and development projects we focus on innovation in the fields of participation and empowerment, spatial issues, sustainable development, mobility, communication, ageing, childhood, parental leave, and work and training. In doing so we place emphasis on practical applicability, comprehensibility and communication, as well as on equality and the promotion of socially disadvantaged groups.

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