2009 - 2010


  • Umweltabteilungen der Länder Wien, Niederösterreich und Burgenland

Luft 2020 – Good air in the future: a utopia?

Air 2020 – Look ahead and take a deep breath: This was the motto of a one-day event for representatives of interest groups concerned with the quality of our air and various stakeholders from the provinces of Lower Austria, Burgenland and Vienna.

Air pollution control requires limits and cross-departmental cooperation. PlanSinn was assigned with the conception and implementation of the event, the selection of speakers and the production of a video on the topic.

There is no alternative to breathing
The methodological core element of the event was a utopia simulation: First, the focus was directed at the future to sharpen people’s awareness for how we will be living in the year 2020, the way interactions between human beings and the environment are likely to develop and the effects this may have on the quality of our air. After all, there is no alternative to breathing. Back to the present, the participants identified options for action that could be taken to prepare today for what will have to be done in preparation for 2020 and later.