On foot in the West Gürtel Target Area – walking, lingering, overcoming obstacles

In the Go West project PlanSinn identified options and perspectives for opening up this area for pedestrians, brought this focus to the awareness of local actors and thus inspired positive change.

Go West presented a detailed analysis of nine district-wide corridors in the target area. So-called “peer walks” provided the basis for mapping the character of the terrain and the infrastructure required to facilitate pedestrian mobility. Existing and potential spots to linger as well as possible stumbling blocks were identified; scope for action and potentials for change were determined in dialogue with district chairpersons and local experts. PlanSinn designed “dialogue posters” which served as a medium for facilitating the interactive process and simultaneously documenting it. These posters formed the basis for an ideas competition for students. The competition produced a number of smart solutions for key pathways, some of which have already been realised.