CIDEP – settlement patterns for urban enlargement projects

The construction of new urban districts in Vienna and many other European cities continues unabated. But what is the best way to build?

Working in collaboration with the City of Bratislava, Municipal Department MA 18 - Urban Development and Planning analysed and defined development patterns suitable for new urban enlargement projects as part of the European Territorial Cooperation/Cross-border Cooperation project CIDEP (City Development Patterns). The outcome was a "catalogue" of development types and examples for use as a reference tool in the early phases of planning for new urban development projects.
PlanSinn advised MA 18 on the planning of project meetings, moderated working meetings of the CIDEP monitoring group and support team and created the framework for productive interdisciplinary debate.
To gather new typological ideas from abroad, the experts went on a three-day fact-finding trip to Amsterdam and Rotterdam. PlanSinn planned and organised the trip, which featured a busy itinerary of tours and visits with travel by public transport, bike or on foot. Moderated fireside chats among members of the visiting fact-finding group and discussions with local experts rounded off the productive trip.