Cycling Visionaries Awards

The Cycling Visionaries Awards aim to draw attention and recognition to fresh ideas evolving cycling cultures in different places around the globe. The programme supports young, high-potential individuals from various backgrounds and cultural contexts who are engaged in promoting cycling as a key to the future of urban mobility.

PlanSinn initiated and managed the Cycling Visionaries Awards, which were set up to diversify the participants at Velo-city 2013. Of the 60 award-winners, half were chosen by a public online vote and half by a jury vote. The 60 award-winners were given the opportunity to attend Velo-city 2013 as “Cycling Visionaries”, which significantly enriched the discourse at the event. The Cycling Visionaries Awards attracted 218 submissions from 49 countries and all continents. The international recognition created by the awards programme gave rise to many stories of empowerment and learning for the programme participants. All projects submitted to the awards programme have been published in an online archive.