• Stadt Wien, MA 14, ADV

Wien 2.0

Experts agree that the development of the “social web” is just as important for community life as was the invention of the World Wide Web at the beginning of the 1990s – if not more so.

The great success of the Obama campaign in 2008 in the United States, the rapid development of social networks like Facebook or Twitter and the initiatives of large cities like San Francisco to use these technologies for creating communication channels with residents all speak for themselves. Vienna has not been left behind by these developments. In 2009, a work group set up within the City Administration (Municipal Department 14, wien.at) was commissioned to elaborate a strategy on how to deal with Web 2.0. The work group also invited external Web 2.0 experts to discussions on various topics such as the role of intermediary organisations, online PR trends, social networks and employee qualification. Ideas on how the City of Vienna could react adequately to these innovative developments were collected in the course of this process. PlanSinn conceptualised and facilitated the process.