• Stadt Wien – MD-Leitstelle für alltags- und frauengerechtes Planen und Bauen

Sharing the city fairly – exhibition and symposium

In the exhibition entitled “Who Owns Public Space – Women’s Everyday Life in the City” staged at the beginning of the 1990s, the City of Vienna launched a new planning focus for Vienna. The symposium held on 22 May 2007 in the Architekturzentrum Wien drew up an interim balance of goals achieved from the City's point of view and highlighted current issues.

The symposium presented experiences gathered in other cities, along with a two-day presentation of the main elements of the exhibition including recent additions. Exhibition visitors were invited to add their comments and notes. Film clips presenting nine gender-sensitive projects in Vienna were shot to coincide with the event. In close cooperation with the client, PlanSinn drew up the concept for the symposium, the exhibition and the film, provided the graphic design for the exhibition and organised and moderated the event.