TINA Vienna: The Know-How of Vienna: Urban Strategies and Technologies

Many things about Vienna are the way people living in a city would expect them to be: Vienna is a place worth living in; Vienna is safe; Vienna is clean; Vienna is green. An exhibition, a publication and a website show why it is like that.

The City Administration of Vienna with its companies and enterprises perceive themselves as providers of comprehensive public services; their know-how constitutes the capital of a modern city - this is what differentiates Vienna from many other cities. 

The project “The Know-How of Vienna” was designed to present and communicate the city’s state-of-the-art urban technologies and strategies. It embraces classical topics such as water, energy, green areas, waste and traffic management as well as issues that are relevant on a larger scale, such as strategies, safety and universal accessibility. About 200 special solutions in these areas were identified and presented to a wider public.  

For professionals and other interested parties
TINA Vienna, part of Wien Holding, is the hub responsible for the compilation of a Web and CMS based database as well as the production of a brochure and a modular exhibition on urban technologies and strategies in Vienna. The products are primarily directed at an international audience of political and administrative decision makers, but also toward specialist communities and interested citizens in Vienna. PlanSinn is responsible for the project research and the entire editorial work.