2006 - 2009


sALTo – positive, self-determined ageing in one's own neighbourhood

In light of the ongoing demographic changes, what measures can a city take to enable people to continue living a self-determined, healthy and active life in their home neighbourhood? PlanSinn developed the sALTo project to find concrete answers to this question.   

The project undertook the first-ever active ageing surveys of two pilot neighbourhoods, came up with ideas for cross-generational initiatives and piloted various measures at the interface between health promotion and urban planning. 

Some examples:

- "Generation_mixed", an intergenerational sports festival for different age groups in the Quadenstraße neighbourhood
- Telephone chain to provide older people with someone to talk to and ensure dependable but not over-intrusive contact with others
- Benches along main thoroughfares in the Quadenstraße neighbourhood to encourage intergenerational encounter
- Planting initiative
- Intergenerational garden plots in the Triester Straße neighbourhood
- Ergotherapeutic neighbourhood surveys to identify problem spots and potentials for improvement