Science communication for sustainability research

In autumn 2004, the Federal Ministry of Science and Research launched the research programme proVISION – for nature and society. PlanSinn was in charge of presenting the subject areas studied by the inter- and transdisciplinary research teams to both practitioners in the relevant fields and the wider public.  

In the context of proVISION inter- and transdisciplinary project teams carry out research on issues related to sustainable development. proVISION provides the scientific basis for Austria's sustainability strategy. The PR activities focussed on dialogue among the project partners and between the latter and interested segments of the public. A wide variety of formats and media were deployed, and the participating institutions and individuals were coached and supported in their PR work.
An event aboard a ship on the Danube provided the project partners with a platform for interim evaluation, the travelling exhibition "proVISION on the road" disseminated the research findings all over Austria, and the "myVISION NACHHALLtigkeit" science journalism competition was specifically targeted at younger audiences.