"meine Umwelt". City of Vienna environmental services

The environmental activities and services of the City of Vienna range from drinking water supply, design and maintenance of parks, gardens and playgrounds, eco-friendly collection, separation and disposal of waste and street cleaning to pro-active animal protection and wildlife conservation, sustainable forestry management and care and maintenance of the city's waterways.
PlanSinn produced a brochure outlining these activities and services in consultation with the City of Vienna's Executive Group for the Environment.  Vienna aims to further develop its already high, internationally recognised quality of life and secure its status as a model eco-friendly city for future generations.  The brochure was designed to raise public awareness of these high quality standards.
The „meine Umwelt“ ("my environment") app provides an interactive map showing Vienna's environmental services and hiking trails. The app helps users to organise their everyday lives in a sustainable manner and discover the city's natural outdoor spaces. It also makes use of the routing functions of modern smartphones to help people access the city's environmental services.