Local Agenda 21 in Donaustadt

In Vienna's largest municipal district, Donaustadt, PlanSinn has been responsible for the management of the LA21 process since 2007. Around the old village centres the contrasts between urban and rural, new and old, fast and slow offer many and varied starting points for creative developments.  

Focussing on the key themes of "neighbourhoods for young and old", "intercultural dialogue" and "mobility and public space" PlanSinn researches ideas and provides encouragement, support and advice to local residents involved in innovative projects. We raise awareness of issues around sustainability, initiate, support and advise local networks and moderate negotiation processes between pro-active local residents and local politicians and/or administrators, taking the model for the sustainable development of Donaustadt as our frame of reference. For detailed information on projects, products and networks, please visit: http://la21wien.at/die-la-21-bezirke/22-bezirk