Open space concept for the project Maurer Lange Gasse, 23rd district of Vienna

In 1998 PlanSinn was commissioned by the Austrian housing developer BUWOG (prior to its privatisation) to provide the open space plan for a residential complex with about 150 dwelling units. In close cooperation with the contracting entity and the teams of architects involved in the project, PlanSinn developed a concept that stands out for its use-oriented urban ecological qualities.

Central elements are the large meadow scattered with ash trees, the open corner with a Turkish hazel grove and a central square with paulovnias and service trees. Game fences overgrown with climbing plants and lined with shrubs and grasses were set up to provide protection for the gardens from the very outset. Climbing plants mark the entrances. As there were plans for the renaturation of the Knotzenbach, the concept submitted by PlanSinn also provided for the possibility to integrate a connecting pedestrian footpath to Maurer Hauptplatz along this streamlet. The owners of the adjoining plots failed to accept this plan, so Municipal Department 45 realised it as a topographical element in the building site.