Coaching and support for residents moving into the Kaisermühlenstraße housing development in Donaustadt, Vienna's 22nd district

The newly built housing development in Kaisermühlenstraße, comprising roughly 270 dwelling units, a commercial zone, nine community rooms distributed across several floors in five different blocks, a wide variety of outdoor facilities including playgrounds for children and young people, private gardens, a public thoroughfare and the separating effect of the public road, as well as the passive-energy technology used throughout, required a well-designed approach to help residents get acquainted with the infrastructure and foster community relations.
Aware of the complex situation, developer BWSG seized the opportunity to launch a pilot project on the site. PlanSinn was commissioned to provide coaching and support to help acquaint the new residents with their neighbourhood, assist the contractor with the recruitment process for the role of facility manager and provide coaching for the latter. Shared communal facilities require rules everybody is prepared to observe. PlanSinn helped to negotiate these rules.