60 Minutes on the Road in Vienna – Present and Future of Mobility: An exhibition at the Vienna Planning Workshop

People are mobile in many different ways: on foot, or by public transport, bicycle or car. The average person in Vienna is on the road for about an hour per day – but what really happens during this time? How does a person with a small child get around, or a teenager, or a 50-year-old man in a wheelchair? How much carbon dioxide does a cyclist emit on a daily basis? And which means of transport offers opportunities to make friends for life?

From January to April 2008, this exhibition provided an insight into the many different aspects of mobility in Vienna. The information was brought to life by interactive means as well as audio-visual media and presented the city’s approach to topical issues in traffic and transport planning and related areas such as spatial planning, traffic engineering and logistics. For the exhibition, eight individuals representing different population groups and mobility requirements each documented their daily mobility behaviour in Vienna in a series of photos, offering visitors insights into very personal experiences. Moreover, exhibition visitors were able to cast an eye on possible future developments.