Land use redesignation for Anton-Schall-Gasse – info day and online surveys

A housing association had submitted a land use redesignation application for the building of a subsidised housing project. PlanSinn organised the citizens' participation process required by the municipal district authority, based on a series of added-value scenarios.

The housing association wanted to have the site redesignated in order to be able to build more flats than the number previously allowed for. In return it was offering to create an additional leisure facility, such as e.g. a communal garden, near-natural playground, orchard, car-sharing facility or miniature golf course. The added-value scenarios were presented for discussion at an info day held directly on the site in question, and a week later all neighbouring residents were invited to take part in an online survey. This approach was designed to elicit the preferred option for eventual implementation in the course of the land use designation process.