A platform for participation in river catchment areas

Since 2009 a total of 11 "river dialogues" have been held in three federal provinces. All interested individuals are invited to participate in online and offline discussions with local politicians and administrators about the future of the respective rivers.   

The main goal of the EU Water Framework Directive is for all waterways and bodies of water to achieve "good" ecological status by 2015. Proceeding from the theory that sustainable waterway management can only succeed if all interest groups and the local population work together, PlanSinn and tatwort co-designed a participative format centred on dialogue. Detailed information about the current status of the respective waterways and the planned measures was followed by an online consultation on opportunities for development and potential uses and finally a real dialogue to allow personal exchange between the participants.

Participants to date:
> 1,000 individuals attending dialogue events
> 7,000 individuals participating in online consultation