Noise abatement planning and the LOIS online noise information system

PlanSinn supported and advised on the drafting of the new noise action plan for Vienna, which defines strategies and effective measures to reduce traffic noise. LOIS provides basic information about noise as well as windows for participation.  

LOIS provides people exposed to noise and producers of noise with information on how to avoid and reduce noise. This includes both objectively measurable noise abatement measures and subjective noise impact reduction measures, which focus on behaviour and communication. With the pilot project "SYLVIE" back at the turn of the millennium, which featured cooperative noise impact reduction schemes, we had already succeeded in demonstrating that combined approaches are particularly effective. LOIS therefore focuses on providing clear, concise information for people affected by noise, both those exposed to it and those who produce it, on cooperation with the municipal districts and other local authorities, and on participative noise impact reduction processes.