"Karenz & Karriere": parental leave and work-life balance

Which changes are required in the local neighbourhood to make women and men better able to combine childcare with career plans?   

In "experimental workshops" PlanSinn worked with men and women on parental leave in neighbourhoods in the 2nd, 4th and 12th municipal districts to draft ideas for potential improvements in the respective neighbourhood. Local businesses, neighbourhood facilities and amenities and the local district administrations were also involved in the process. The twelve resulting measures ranged from a checklist for choosing the appropriate type of childcare to a special parent-and-child menu designed in collaboration with local restaurants and cafés, to "Infobiss", a concise collection of useful information by parents for parents. Action days were held in the three neighbourhoods to raise awareness of the life phase when people are raising very small children as a potential formative factor in the neighbourhood.