"Blended participation" for Schwedenplatz project

The Schwedenplatz – Morzinplatz quarter is to be redesigned in the coming years. Local people and experts participated in a process – both online and offline – to draft a model that will form the basis for a design competition. PlanSinn supported and advised on the process.

In June 2012 citizens were given the opportunity to contribute and discuss their opinions and appraisals in the Dialogue Box. At the same time, people were also able to share their wishes and suggestions online at www.schwedenplatz.wien.at.  

The interim results from the citizens' participation process and expert discussions were finalised and presented for further discussion and weighting in mid-September. A cross-departmental team from the City of Vienna together with district representatives subsequently set to work on amalgamating all the input and study results into a "Model for Schwedenplatz", due for completion by mid-2013. 

The "blended participation" approach combining on-the-spot and online input ensured that as many citizens as possible from different walks of life participated in this dialogue process.