Water bar

The Municipal Department Vienna Water regularly advertises the high quality of the city’s drinking water and drinking water supply. Information and facts are communicated in a playful way. The modular water bar developed by PlanSinn is a key mediation tool, dispensing premium-quality Viennese mountain spring water. The modules made of special steel are equipped with a cooling unit and backlit, illuminated display frames. The units are TÜV approved to ensure safe use by the public.  

The delicious water from the Vienna water bar enjoys high demand, especially on hot summer days. The robust, mobile special steel units are construed so as to permit flexible positioning in most spaces. They were dimensioned to ensure they fit even in less spacious lifts and can thus be brought to their destinations without having to be carried up the stairs. The central element has already had to be replaced owing to the intensive use of the units. PlanSinn commissioned the upcycling specialist Garbarage to fashion protective hoods made of old tarpaulin material for the transport and storage of the wheeled units.