Open spaces for students in Aspern, Vienna’s Urban Lakeside

A street-side strip of open space with bike racks, ornamental stands of grasses and shrubs, vertical greenery and concrete seating creates a physical distance between the entrances and the ring road. From the ground floor, students can walk up to footbridges and small squares. Canteen furniture invites people to linger and exchange news. Stairs and ramps connect the lower-lying blue band and the footbridges with the garden.

A pergola planted with vines divides the garden into a quieter and a more lively part. The pergola houses a covered area with barbecue facilities. Steel uprights for fixing hammocks and slacklines set up in the orchard setting create opportunities for chilling out and concentration exercise. The climbing wall and the lawn create scope for sports and physical activity. The wall separating the site from the neighbouring D5B is covered by vines.
The terraced waves of shrubs and grasses between the blue band and the garden are reflected in the central ground floor area and the multi-purpose rooms.  
The rooftop community terrace offers secluded areas and island-like wooden decks amidst extensive greenery.