"dot dot DASH“ living in Aspern, Vienna’s Urban Lakeside

The open space is accessed from the four staircases as well as via small squares inserted along the play street. The latter is framed by a three-metre-wide percolation surface creating a buffer to the buildings. There are no substructures in the percolation area, which is designed as a garden area. The pathways leading to the squares are paved with large slabs. The squares serve as neighbourhood communication hubs, giving people the opportunity to park bicycles or strike up a conversation. Stairs lead up to terraced patios with playground facilities and a raised garden with a view of the public space of the play streets below. A planted gravel band creates the necessary distance to the ground-floor apartments. The playground equipment is mounted on a large EPDM-paved area between the dot buildings, from where residents have direct access to the community room. A screen hedge of fruit trees and berry bushes provides a visual buffer towards the student hall of residence. Adjoining this is a resting area with wooden platforms and hammocks. A play lawn and a sledging hill encourage physical activity; a small communal garden close by encourages residents to engage in gardening. The roof is extensively greened and includes a communal roof-top terrace.