Mediation tools for the 2010 Water Festival

The Water Festival organised in Vienna’s Stadtpark on 10 July 2010 formed the highlight of the “100th anniversary of the 2nd Viennese Mountain Spring Pipeline” jubilee celebrations. PlanSinn was commissioned by Vienna Waterworks (MA 31) to develop the mediation modules on the topics of water, the mountain spring pipeline and water-related facts and figures.

The “Water Pipeline” invited visitors to reconstruct the Mountain Spring Pipeline on a scale of 1:10,000. Successful amateur engineers could then watch the water flow from its source near Gusswerk to the end of the pipeline in Wien-Mauer. Little flags marked the locations of villages, mountains, springs and lakes.

“Sound sources” gave visitors the opportunity to listen to the sounds in a Vienna water pipeline. At the push of a button they could listen to original sounds made by a spring or audio features on the topic of water. 

The “Water Board” provided a survey of Vienna’s mountain spring pipelines and offered answers to various questions regarding Vienna’s water and water supply. Curious visitors could lift the respective question lid and find the correct answers. A competent team of experts was on hand to explain the different modules.