Local Agenda 21 Plus

Local Agenda 21 is a process that gives the citizens of a city or town opportunities to help shape their environment in close cooperation with political representatives and the municipality. Agenda 21 Plus is a further development of this concept which defines thematic focal points and provides for co-financing with EU funds.

Good Governance

Under the title “Agenda 21 Plus”, four Vienna city districts – Wieden, Alsergrund, Donaustadt and Liesing – embarked on their Agenda process in the autumn of 2009. Apart from motivating citizens to take an active part in community life and coaching citizen groups on self-selected issues, Agenda Plus, which is being implemented in cooperation with citizens and public institutions, focuses on three key areas of activity: sustainable mobility, quality of life in public spaces, and urban districts designed to accommodate the needs of old and young people. Joining forces is the basis for success in finding innovative solutions in these fields.  
The Agenda 21 Plus team was set up as a partnership between two companies, PlanSinn and stadtland. The work focus is on motivating district residents to use their imaginative power for generating new ideas on how to improve the quality of life, based on the principles of sustainability.

Special flair and quality of life through personal commitment  
The objective of Agenda 21 Plus is to have the creativity and personal commitment of a large number of private individuals create a special flair and enhance the quality of life in their district. The cooperation between political and administrative bodies and the citizens is to be governed by the principles of good governance. In Vienna’s 4th district, future work will build on the progress achieved by the successful Agenda projects of previous years; new ideas are already emerging. Intercultural readings with the theme “Encounters in Language” have attracted many people; a group of elderly people regularly organises a platform for personal encounters in the Freihaus neighbourhood. A rather unusual solution for a road junction makes it possible for people to play skittles in a small alley; the so-called pavement guerrillas are activists promoting non-commercial uses of the free space at their doorsteps.