Kagraner Spange residential complex

Connect: The open spaces of the Kagraner Spange residential complex – 1220 Vienna (plot 2) 

Together with P.Good ArchitektInnen, PlanSinn won the first prize in an urban development competition for the building site 2 launched by the development company Gewog. Thanks to its proximity to the U1 station Kagraner Platz, the planning area is excellently located in infrastructural terms. The narrow plot forms part of a larger urban development project by Sne Veselinovic and Rüdiger Lainer. The open spaces are characterised by linear features and linked by connecting elements in street- and pathway-like design.
The public open space consists of a network of pathways, enriched by small, decentralised squares. These hubs also accommodate playgrounds and common facilities and even a small bicycle repair shop. The central open space, which spans the entire site, is of street-like design and meets the requirement of serving as a fire brigade access road with several ladder attachment points. Green transverse spacer gaps give structure to the “street-like” open space. Broad longitudinal bands are planted with grasses and shrubs in a way that allows fire brigade vehicles to cross without damaging them. An atrium-like design gives the gardens on the ground floor a sense of intimacy. However, the wall panels are partly perforated and grown with climbing plants to make them semi-transparent. Wherever possible, pathways are accompanied by narrow bands planted with grasses and shrubs.  

Playground infrastructure
The playground infrastructure focuses on the south-eastern area, close to the kindergarten located on the neighbouring plot. Ground markings for jumping and running games (hopscotch, four square, etc.) are situated on pathways and squares all over the site. In the northern sector, the pathways lead up to a small park shared by all the building plots, which, as there is no space for this type of facilities on the building plots themselves, contains infrastructure for children and young people.