EbS Roadshow ... an interactive info station

Together with Experimentierwerkstatt Wien and Kurt Waldert, PlanSinn co-developed a design and mediation concept for an interactive model wastewater treatment plant that toured busy spots in Vienna.

Urban sewage disposal being something of a no-go topic that usually causes people to wrinkle their noses, the City of Vienna’s Administrative Group for the Environment commissioned the stadt wien marketing und prater service gmbH with the development and implementation of a roadshow. The roadshow served two goals, firstly to inform local people about the recently finalised expansion and secondly to communicate the high standards of Vienna’s technical environmental protection facilities in a playful, humorous way.
On over 20 days, the mobile interactive info station was set up in busy squares in Vienna. Visitors were invited to "pollute" water and activate or stop various treatment processes. PlanSinn took care of the visitors and supplied them with information on the different hands-on stations and the wastewater treatment facility itself. EbS staff members provided expert answers to specific questions.