Green centre for the housing estate built on site D4 at Aspern, Vienna’s Urban Lakeside

Four buildings delimit the green neighbourhood centre, which is accessed from the outside via pathways between the blocks marked by flowering ash trees. The buildings to the north are at a certain distance from the site boundary, which creates space for forecourts with bike racks and benches in front of the houses. In the inner courtyard, private wooden decks are laid out along the facades of the buildings, lined by plant beds and screens providing a privacy shield. Topographically modelled bands of shrubs and grasses create transition areas from private patios to pedestrian accessways. From the inner courtyard, the inserted staircases are accessed from paved areas marking the entrances. The central open space creates scope for swinging, running, sand play and balancing. Wooden platforms and hammocks encourage people to linger and rest. Paved pathways cross the green centre and mark the boundary to the large lawn planted with shady service trees, mirabelle plum trees and goat willows. Green plants give the staircases atmosphere. The roofs are extensively greened. Communal terraces are designed to foster a sense of community.