2010 - 2013


COM 1 & 2: Open spaces for the Nordbahnhof residential development, Vienna

The consortium made up of BA Real Invest / KalloCo with the architects Frötscher/Lichtenwagner and PlanSinn emerged as the winning team in the competition for building lot 12 in phase 2 of the developers’ competition for the area around the former Northern Railway Station.

The configuration of the two buildings resulted in a quiet garden courtyard with a lower-lying atrium and a piazzetta. A pedestrian thoroughfare links the two areas and provides access to the residential buildings. The atrium with fruit trees, small offices and communal facilities is accessible via a ramp and a flight of stairs. Furniture and equipment elements are integrated into the strip design. The courtyard planted with magnolias and restful ground-level vegetation (geranium) encourages people to linger on the wooden decks adjoining the trees. Flush wooden decking traverses the bands planted with shrubs and greenery. Strips of lawn serve as a multifunctional playground and interlink the entire complex of structural elements. A “garden wall” separates the communal open space from public pathways traversing the development. The piazzetta with commercial units is designed as a leisure space and encourages visitors to linger.