Vorwerk Lobau visitor information

In the Viennese part of the Donau-Auen National Park, a major wetlands preservation area, visitor information facilities are currently centred at the Nationalparkhaus Wien-Lobau building on Dechantweg. There are plans to develop a second visitor information hub in the medium term at what is referred to as “Vorwerk Lobau”.
PlanSinn was commissioned to come up with ideas on how to develop this area. The aim of the project was to provide up-to-date visitor information facilities. A number of workshops were organised together with a team from the City of Vienna Municipal Department 49 (MA 49) to decide on the basic framework for this development and collaborate on preparing the concept.
The result: a museum, a research lab and a kiosk are surrounded by a multi-purpose open space. A meadow with fruit trees and play opportunities, an exhibition site and an open-air classroom as well as the central courtyard constitute the four key elements of the new Vorwerk-Lobau development. MA49 will internally implement parts of the open space concept on a step-by-step basis.