Sustainable mobility management
saves time, money and stress. Whenever possible we walk or use public transport, but above all we prefer the bicycle in all its many forms. We only resort to motor vehicles when we have heavier or larger loads to transport. For us, the bicycle is more than just a means of getting around; it's part of our culture.

We provide our staff with a fleet of different bicycles for collective use. Our courtyard has an ample supply of easily accessible, user-friendly cycle parking facilities, which were installed with the aid of a subsidy from the City of Vienna and may also be used by our neighbours.

For transporting smaller loads we have our own cargo bikes and cycle trailers. We also cooperate with Heavy Pedals as and when necessary. Our preferred courier service is Hermes, a self-governing collective.

Our ambition is also to convince our partners and clients of the value and importance of the bicycle as a suitable means of transport for everyday journeys. As well as working on projects related to cycle transport, PlanSinn also supports initiatives and private projects (Sestriere 2011, Kollektiv Radcore) with a cycling focus.

Sustainable energy and green events
For many years now, PlanSinn has been 100% powered by oekostrom®, thus making a contribution to economical use of resources in energy production. Our events are planned with the emphasis on eco-friendliness, which means that all materials are deployed with a view to conserving resources. We avoid waste wherever possible and lead by example, demonstrating to clients and visitors that it is possible to organise (short-lived) events in a resource-efficient way.