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  • HEIM.ART® Joachim Eckl

Ford Environmental Award

On 17 August 2003, the “Gemeinsame Schöpfung” project was implemented along the entire length of the Große Mühl river, with some 200 people simultaneously scooping water out of the river along its entire 60-km course. However, water also acts as a storage medium, carrying along information on organic processes embedded in it like an “evolutionary storage disk“. The idea for this social sculpture was born from the realisation that one human being alone is not able to grasp a river in its entirety.

Inspired by his collaboration with his artist friend Klaus Rinke, Joachim Eckl launched his "WasserSchöpfAktion" an der Großen Mühl" project (from: in the summer of 2002. The purpose was to improve the water quality of the Große Mühl river by having more water released into the river at the Langhalsen dam. Following the initiative launched by HEIM.ART® in cooperation with PlanSinn and Rudi Anschober, the member of the regional government in charge of water management, Energie AG, the Upper Austrian energy utility company, voluntarily increased the amount of water released at the Partenstein power station – retransforming the Mühl below Neufelden into a proper river once more.