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  • Stoik Christoph, DSA

Project management

“Akte Aktivierung” – a booklet on activation and empowerment

“Akte Aktivierung” presents major contemporary projects in Vienna and Austria that focus on the activation and empowerment of different groups of people.15 individual authors and a team of authors examine activation and empowerment methods and projects from various angles.

This booklet on activating and empowering methods for use in community work, in urban and regional development, in practice and theory also includes the position paper published by “Wiener Vernetzungsfrühstück für Gemeinwesenarbeit”, a networking initiative for community work in Vienna. This position paper is a cornerstone of community work in Vienna. The project is organised by PlanSinn along with Christoph Stoik, with printing costs being sponsored by City of Vienna Municipal Department 7 (MA 7).